• Christina Nunez

Searching for an illustrator

So, I have the words, but no pictures. I was hoping to get lucky and get picked up by a publisher. Typically, publishers can pair a story with an illustrator. When I realized that I was never going to get a publisher’s attention without ever having published a book, I decided to search for an illustrator that I could work with. I approached talented friends. They were super excited about the idea, but they never went forward with it. I looked at online sources like, Fiverr, but I couldn’t find a great match. I even looked into my local community college to see if there were digital art classes I could take. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything that I would be able to attend regularly. I was a single mom of two small children, and time was not a luxury.

One day, I’m super bored at work. I had finished every possible task, ever possible project, and there just wasn’t anything to do. BORED. I wondered if maybe I let go of the digital art idea too soon. I came across BeFunky. I started playing around with some of their features and decided to go for it! I would create my own pictures for my first book!

Visit me again next week to learn about how I self published my first book.

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