• Christina Nunez

Remember, we’re spoiled.

Thinking about the horrors in Ukraine makes me sick. To imagine what it must be like to have your world torn apart, to have your loved ones murdered, to lose your home, to lose everything… it’s painful to think about for even a minute. We are so spoiled over here in the U.S. We are so far removed from the realities of war. When it becomes too much to bear, I can just turn off the news and focus on my privileged life.

Our brothers and sisters in Ukraine cannot just turn it off. Those terrifying clips on the news are their reality 24/7. In an effort to support those affected, I want to encourage everyone to look for ways to help. I’ve added a button on my site that takes you directly to Razom https://razomforukraine.org/. This is one of many organizations you can use to show your support.

Feel free to share reputable organizations that are helping the people of Ukraine, and I will share them on my Facebook page.

Remember, we’re spoiled. Be grateful.

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