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10 ways to get kids off their bums!

Let’s get these kids moving! For me, keeping my kids physically active is a priority. I have always struggled with my weight, and I’m not very motivated to work out. I want my kids to have positive associations with physical activity. They will get so much more out of life if they can stay healthy!

Plus, they will drive me insane if there is no outlet for all their energy.

Living in Illinois, I need to plan for indoor activities and outdoor activities.

Indoor Ideas

1. Dance party. This is a favorite of my kids. It’s exercise for us all, puts us in a good mood, and helps us bond.

2. Scavenger hunts. You can hide literally anything, create some clues to post around the house, and BAM! Scavenger hunt! This gets them moving, and it also reinforces reading and critical thinking skills.

3. Skip It! Remember these? They make them even nicer these days. My daughter’s has a soft, foam ring so it’s not hurting her ankle. BONUS: This can be used as an indoor or outdoor toy!

4. Secret Mission. Grab some walkie talkies and give your kids a mission. It might be to save their stuffed unicorn from the monster’s cave. It could be that all of the kids are spies, one was captured, and the others have to find their fellow spy. The possibilities are endless.

5. Magic Moves Wand. This is a pretty cool product. I bought it for my five-year-old. He and his older sister both love it! It gives the kids an animal and a movement. Then, it plays music while they imitate the animal. It’s a great way to move and get silly.

Outdoor Ideas

1. Stomp Rockets. These are so fun, no batteries required! I bought my kids the dueling version so they could play at the same time. They love seeing how high and how far the rockets fly. BONUS: They are really easy to put together!

2. Velcro Toss and Catch. I love these because it levels the playing field. Kids can get really frustrated when one is consistently better at an activity than another. Kids without the greatest catching skills can still be successful with these. Also, they make me nostalgic thinking about summer as a kid.

3. Bubble Blasters. Bubbles. Need I say more?

4. What Time is it Mr. Fox? This classic gets kids running and is fun for parents, too. I like this activity for kids that may not be the fastest and for kids with breathing issues like asthma. Instead of constantly being caught, like in tag, the kids are all near Mr. Fox before he chases them, so they’ve all got a shot.

5. Obstacle courses. These are easy to set up with whatever is available to you. I like to do this at the playground with my daughter. She loves a challenge, so we come up with a path to get from one end of the playground to the other. The catch is that she has to use each piece of equipment a certain way. For example, she may have to hop across the bridge instead of walking. She may have to climb across the top of the monkey bars instead of swinging. Level this for each individual, play alone or with others!

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