• Christina Nunez

First time blogger

I'm crawling out from under my rock...and starting a blog! I plan to document my journey as a writer here. I realized how much I loved writing for children back in 2016 after my second child was born. I wrote a few short stories. I sent a few poems to Highlights magazine. Highlights actually bought two of my poems! But then...I fizzled out. I was focused on my two year old, my newborn, and my job. I had recently divorced and was trying to just get through this challenging chapter of my life.

My drive to write was there. Self doubt was stronger. I sent off my short stories to publishers. I was rejected or ignored. I had no artistic ability, and I felt I could not self publish without illustrations to accompany my stories. That's legit, right? Young kids don't read fun stories without fun pictures.

Next up...how I started to push past that self doubt.

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